See how WhatsApp launches OG Telegram feature for video messages

Do you know that WhatsApp has launched the OG Telegram feature for video messages? This was announced today on the Meta blog handle. Meta chief executive officer, Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday announced a new feature on WhatsApp, which allows users to send short video messages.

See how WhatsApp launches OG Telegram feature for video messages

One of the features that made me join Telegram so many years ago was sending bubbly video messages to my friends. In July 2023, all these years later, Mark has announced this exiting feature.

Zuckerberg took to his official facebook handle and shared a demonstration video along with a caption, “New for WhatsApp – we are adding the ability to instantly record and share a video message in your WhatsApp chats. It’s as easy as sending a quick voice message.”

As per a statement shared by the WhatsApp team, voice messages on WhatsApp changed the way people communicate by providing a quick and secure way to share your voice. Now one can record and share short personal videos directly in the chat.

Video messages are a real-time way to respond to chats with whatever you want to say and show in 60 seconds. Sending a video message is as simple as sending a voice message. Just tap to switch to video mode, and hold to record the video.

Users can also swipe up to lock and record the video hands-free. Videos will play automatically on mute when opened in a chat, and tapping on the video will start the sound. Video messages are protected with end-to-end encryption to keep your messages secure.

As always, from the moment these features are announced, by the time they actually are available to all users, it might takes weeks.

whatsApp says these instant videos can have up to 60 seconds, will play automatically on mute when opened in a chat.

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Just last week, whatsApp released its first Watch app, but for Android wearOS users. Also, last week, the company started rolling out a long-requested feature, the ability to message someone without saving their phone numbers.

Besides that, the messaging app recently rolled out the ability to add your account to multiple devices, including more than one smartphone at once.

Video messages have begun rolling out and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

As WhatApp keeps adding new features to its app, will keep reporting them

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