See How to Validate your Npower Payment Details for Batch C Beneficiaries

Do you know as an Npower Batch C beneficiary, you can validate your Npower payment so as to be paid any outstanding stipends owed you? yes this true as the management of the Npower programme has set up steps you can take and follow to be paid any of the month your stipends was skip. Please see more details below.

See How to Validate your Npower Payment Details for Batch C Beneficiaries

Lately, alot has been said above the Npower programme especially as it relates to stipend payment for both beneficiaries in stream 1 and stream 2 of the Npower Batch C programme. payment for both streams has since commence and all beneficiares will be paid.

we will also use this meduim to inform all those still owed any outstanding payment (s) or those who failed to receive alert payment for any of the past months, should please follow details guideline set in here to get paid.

However, we wish to highlight some certain information for all beneficiaires as well as the general public to see and get enlightened.

  1. The programme has has been extended for stream 1 beneficiaries as they have already started receiving their monthly stipends from september 2022.
  2. All stream 1 beneficiaries are to resume at their former place (s) of Primary Assisgment after the EASTER Holidays. while stream 2 are to continue working at various places assisgn to them too.
  3. All backlog and stipends skipped will be paid to all Beneficiaires as steps are being taken to address any loopsholes encountered previous in our payment system.
  4. Those being owe in the batch C programme only are to use the validation link provided here to validate their profile for payment.
  5. Please disregard any news circulating on the media that Npower has commence fresh online Registration for Batch D. This is totally fake. However and at the approciate time, we will give explicite information on this.

Npower Batch C Stream 1 and 2 that are yet to receive any past months stipends payment are to do these immediately. They are to visit the website below and complete their account validation process.