See How to chat on WhatApp without saving number on your Phone

Do you know you can know chat on WhatApp with someone without saving his number on your contact list? Yes, this is now possible as that’s what this post will unveil to you as you read more.

See How to chat on WhatApp without saving number on your Phone

WhatApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps. The Meta-owned platform has now rolled out a new feature which will further enhance the chatting experience. Whatsapp has introduced the ability to chat with unknown phone numbers. This means that users will no longer have to save a number on WhatApp to chat with them.

Available on both Android and IOS, the new WhatsApp feature allows users to chat with any mobile number outside their phone phonebook. Previously, users faced certain restrictions when attempting to initiate a chat with someone on WhatApp without saving their contact information first. They often had to resort to third-party apps or official click-to-chat APIs, which could be more complex for some users to use. However, with this new feature, WhatApp aims to simplify the process, allowing users to start conversations without the need to save contacts in there address book.


Whenever you enter an unknown phone number within the WhatsApp application, it will search beyond your contacts. To check if this feature is available for your WhatsApp account, you simply need to search for a phone number by accessing your contact lists.

So, if you also want to use the new WhatApp feature and simplify your chatting experience then follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to follow to chat with an unknown number on WhatApp.

1.  Open your WhatApp on your Android or iOS smartphone

2.  Now tap on the icon to start a new conversation

3.  After this select the unknown number in your contact list. WhatApp will now start looking for the number outside your contact list.

4.  Once the search is complete, the number will appear on your screen and you can now start chatting with it. Also, you no longer have to save the number in your contact list.

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