See how the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship is getting ready to sail in 2024

A vessel that is set to be the world biggest cruise ship has completed construction at a shipyard in Finland and has made its first foray into open water for sea trials ahead of a likely delivery later this year. That cruise ship is known as “Icon of the Seas”. See more about the cruise ship below.

See how the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship is getting ready to sail in 2024

The Cruise ship is a mammoth 365 meters long and will weigh a projected 250, 800 tonnes. For comparison, that is like trying to keep two CN Tower afloat.

The current title holder for the largest cruise ship in the world is another vessel (name Wonder of the Sea) built by the same company that built the icon of the sea.

The icon of the seas will set sail on Caribbean waters in January 2024, and will comfortably hold some 5,610 passengers and 2,350 crew. The boat’s piece de resistance will be the world’s largest water park at sea.

Named category 6, it will feature six record-breaking water slides, but guests who want a more leisurely experience can also relax in the boat’s seven pools and nine whirlpools.


The Icon of the seas is being built by Meyer Turku shipyard, one of Europe’s leading shipbuilders in Turku, Finland. At an on-site press panel earlier this year, Royal Caribbean International president and chief executive Michael Bayley told media that the vessel was on track to join Royal Caribbean fleet on October 26, ahead of its 2024 debut.

Royal Caribbean International is pitching Icon of the Seas as the cruise line’s evolutionary peak, using the latest technology and building on 50 years of learning through the company’s history. The vessel completed its first sea trials on June 22, according to a Royal Caribbean statement.

The Cruise ship promises more than 40 ways to dine, drink and be entertained, many of which are included in the cruise fare. With 20 decks and eight neighbourhoods to explore, the idea is to cater to every type of vacationer, with everything from areas dedicated to young families, to adults.

There are 28 different types of accommodations, with more categories for families, more layouts with ocean views and more space for group travelers. The cruise line says it’s the longest timeframe it’s ever dedicated to “designing the perfect home base.”

Icon of the Seas vessel is also Royal Caribbean International’s first ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and fuel cell technology. Some 2,600 workers have been grafting on the vessel each day. For the sea trials, hundreds of specialists were on board to assess performance over four days. Royal Caribbean says a second set of trials is schedule for late 2023.