chatting with someone without adding their number on Whatsapp

Do you know whatApp now lets users to start chatting with someone without adding their number? Yes, whatsApp is adding one of the most requested features for users who don’t like saving every phone number on their contact app.

chatting with someone without adding their number on Whatsapp

As spotted by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to send a message to someone without doing that. For example, imagine you are online dating and decide to move from Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble to WhatsApp. Previously, you would need to add that person’s number to your contacts app before you could send them message. Now, you can just copy and paste their phone number on “Start new chat” and actually start a new chat in the app.


This prevents you from adding several contacts you might not talk to more than once. This is helpful not only for online dating, of course, but journalist that need to contact multiple sources, PR managers, people looking for information from local restaurants or services, and more.

The publication says this feature is rolling out for both iOS and Android users, but it still hasn’t appeared here. As usual, WhatApp announces a feature, and it takes a few weeks- and sometimes months – to roll out to all users.

WABetaInfo shared an easy way to discover whether this function is already available. “To discover if the feature is available to your WhatsApp account, you need to search for a phone number by opening your contact lists. Specifically, if you use WhatsApp for iOS, tap the button “start new chat” in the chat list and enter the unknown phone number within the search bar. In case the contact is on WhatsApp, you will be able to chat with them.”

The function comes amid another important update planned for sometime in the future. WhatsApp is currently working on the ability to add usernames to the platform. That way, you wouldn’t need to know a phone number to chat with someone, just their handle. WABetaInfo says this function “may allow users to communicate with businesses privately, thus safeguarding their phone numbers, or perhaps their usage will be even more expensive, allowing private communication with any user.”

Besides that, the messaging app recently rolled out the ability to add your account to multiple devices, including more than one smartphone at once.

As WhatsApp keeps adding new features to its app, will keep reporting them.

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